Some clients see me primarily for management of their psychiatric medications.  I have 10 years of experience in psychopharmacology, and can address your questions with expertise.  Currently there is an unprecedented choice of medications to assist in treatment of many psychiatric problems, and many of these have fewer hazards and side-effects than their predecessors.

Many people have come to see psychiatrists as the “pill pushers” of the mental health system—perhaps with justification.  However, you will find that I do not follow this pattern.  Rarely do I consider medication “mandatory” for the treatment of any given person, at any given time.  Equally rarely, however, will I tell you that there is no medication which could possibly help relieve your difficulties.  Most of the time, the question of medication falls into a grey area between these extremes. 

Most often, after getting to know your situation, I will describe which medications might help, and why.  I will provide you with information about the pros and cons of specific medications, and answer any questions you have.  At this point, your personal preferences will largely guide the decision.  I will offer opinions, based on my experience and knowledge, but decisions about medications will always be mutual.

Additional information about many specific psychiatric medications can be found via the National Alliance on Mental Illness (click here).